You have taken a big decision. Your next challenge is in France! To realise this, you need to have a grounding in the French language and culture. You may increase your knowledge in a particular subject, speaking with the French in their own language.

A few examples:

As an entrepreneur you are at the point of coming to France. To feel at home, you want to speak the correct jargon! You look for help from a language professional.

You are immigrating to France and you want to be able to speak at all levels.

You are going to take your passion to France and you will be able to communicate in a precise way.


What will I achieve?

With the “À la Carte” programme you will be initiated into French habits. You will deepen your general and specific knowledge so that you will be able to communicate well. Assurance in the language allows you to say exactly what you want to say.


How will it work?

Our approach is made under the following headings:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Personal attention

From your starting level, we will adjust the programme to that point and then we will arrange interactive lessons. We cover the subjects which interest you: the ones that are most important to you.


The thread of the programme is talk, talk, talk and keep on talking!


The duration of the course:

The length of the course depends on your specific requirements. It may last from one day to two weeks. Every day there will be about an hour of homework to do.


Follows an example :


5 - Days Programme :

The course lasts 5 days from Monday to Friday, and consists of a class lasting 2 hours each morning and 2 each afternoon.  We also plan educational visits in the area. 


2 hours conversation class each morning – the price per person is as follows:

  • 1 person = €60 for 2 hours of conversation class, that is €300 for the week.
  • 2 to 6 people = €45 for 2 hours of conversation (per person), that is €225 per person for a week.


  • The course material will be distributed in class.
  • Bring your own French/English dictionary.
  • The course runs all the year round.


Your Stay:


You may stay in one of our holiday cottage:

in Frettecuisse of nearby in Saint Maulvis – contact us for prices


You will not be in the cottage with other people enrolled on the course, except your own friends and family. 


You can also stay in our Chambre d'Hôte (1 bedroom - 2 persons) It is located in the same house than the lessons you will have. See : La Chambre d'Hôte de Frettecuisse


See :