The decision is made.  You have been sent as an expatriate employee to France for a period.  You speak a little French, but you need to improve fast!  You must develop your knowledge quickly to a new much higher level.

What will I achieve?

Without doubt, you will be able to participate in a conversation, understanding what is said and be able to reply.  You will be able to speak more fluently with faultless phrases.

How will it work?
Our approach is made using the following headings:
Perfecting  Intensive work Personal motivation
The course is adjusted to your level and follows a strict syllabus.  Many subjects will be covered and a point reached so that you will be ready to communicate more effectively with other French speakers.
Our advice is that you only follow this course if you are prepared to concentrate hard and that you will give it 100% of your time while you are with us.  This should enable you to make enormous strides into learning and being able to use the French language.

The duration of the course:
The 5 day course:
The five day intensive programme is constructed with a 2 hour class in the morning, a French lunch, then a two hour class in the afternoon with some homework for the evening.  With this programme, we will make an educational visit to a place which we will decide on together.

The 10 day course:
If you would like to, it is possible to arrange an intensive course lasting 2 weeks.  The 2 weeks may be separated by up to 6 weeks.

The cost of this course will depend on the exact programme decided upon and the number of people doing it.  Please contact us for a quotation.


Your Stay:
You may stay in our holiday cottage nearby in Saint Maulvis – contact us for prices or click on the link. Link to the website. You will not be in the cottage with other people enrolled on the course, except your own friends and family.
The course material will be distributed in class.
Bring your own French/English dictionary.
The course runs all the year round.
For more information, please contact:


Sabine Vanmoorlegem

06 rue de Fresnoy

80140 Frettecuisse

Tél : +33 3 22 25 10 82

Mob : +31 6 05 36 42 27